On this track, I was led by political news, more and more often illuminating the confrontation between the two giant powers – Russia and the United States. Naturally, this enmity and mutual hostility have not gone anywhere since its inception. There was a thaw, the purpose of which was the flow of resources from one state to another, and the result was the kicking of the lying enemy and the growing heat in the already hot, Middle East countries. The thaw was over. Something happened, but something gave a back stroke. The result is one: now mud has gone into the course. Dirt is not fatal, but it can spoil the mood. And so, the two giants did not even grapple, but just spit into each other, hiding behind the smaller players. That’s still fun. And the trouble is as always one – 95% impressed and stand on the fabric already with stones in hand. Let’s see …

Adam Liria – Cold War Mark II


Release date: 22/05/18
Produced by: Sergey Prishvin
Time Duration: 00:04:23
Number Of Tracks: 1
Label: Unaviva
Country: United Kingdom